Cozy Nights Mystery- Preorder

Cozy Nights Mystery- Preorder

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Available in pocket, cover, newborn cover and trainer 

 One size pocket:

  • Fits up to 70+ pounds
  • Light grey AWJ
  • Thick tummy panel 
  • 3x4 rise settings

One size covers:

  • Fits up to 70 pounds 
  • Tummy Panel 
  • Elastic in front 
  • 3x4 rise settings

Newborn covers:

  • Fits up to ~25 pounds 
  • 2x3 rise settings 
  • Elastic in the front 
  • Tummy panel 


  • Fits ~20-70 pounds
  • 3x4 rise settings
  • Adjustable side wings for easy pull up and down
  • Thick front and back elastic 
  • AWJ
  • Built in 2 layer bamboo for absorbency 
  • Photo attached for reference 

Mini wet bags: 

  • 2 pockets 
  • 7x9 inches 

Set to arrive November/ December

Inserts are not included

Do not mix preorders & in stock, or your order will not ship until everything has arrived

Physical product(color and print size) may vary from mock-up