What is your turn around time?

Due to wait times for shipments, it will take 4-8 weeks for preorders and up to a week for in stock items.  

What are pocket diapers?

Pocket diapers are covers that have a sewn pocket. The pocket allows you to add absorbency to your diaper via inserts. The outside of the diaper is made of PUL (a water proof material) and the inside is lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ). 


What do I put inside?

There are a variety of different inserts that are made to be stuffed inside of pockets. The inserts can be made out of synthetic fibers like microfiber or natural fibers like cotton. We recommend natural fibers as they are the most absorbent. Our custom bamboo/cotton inserts are quick absorbent and can withstand even heavy wetters. 

How do I care for my diapers? 


E-Book available now!


The best way to dry your diapers are to either hang/air dry them or to machine dry on LOW heat/tumble dry. It is important to not dry your diapers on high heat due to the elastics. 


What is your return policy?

You can find that here


Why should I switch to cloth diapers?

               1. Environment. It takes 500, yes 500 years for disposable diapers to decompose in a landfill. That means that every disposable diaper ever made is still on this plant. 
               2. Price. Start up costs for prepping your cloth diaper stash can range from anywhere from $200-$400 depending on quantity and preloved/new. Then you are set until its time to potty train! You can even save them for another kiddo or resell them! Disposables on the other hand can cost  anywhere from $900-$1200 per child from birth to potty training and they of course are not reusable.  
               3. Skin. Disposable diapers contain a plethora of chemicals that make them absorbent and smell fresh. Because of this, skin irritation is very common with disposables. Cloth diapers wipe away this issue! Bonus.... because of the design of cloth diapers...minimal/no blowouts! 
                4. Prints! The beautiful prints of course! you may not NEED to buy diapers anymore but.. can you resist these gorgeous prints?! 

Are Greyden Diapers compliant?

 Yes! We are registered with CPSC.