Behind the Cloth

Emily Thering

My name is Emily and I am the founder and owner of Greyden Diapers. 
My husband and I started cloth diapering as a way to cut costs at home. We loved the money we were saving and when the pandemic hit, it proved to be even more crucial as disposable diapers were becoming hard to find. As we continued using cloth, I fell more and more in love with it, not only for cutting out that reoccurring expense, 
but also for the skin and environmental benefits. 

Fast forward to now, we have added another sweet boy to our family and we started using cloth with him right away. I wanted to share this amazing journey with others and that is when our brand was born. By combining their names, Greyson and Aiden, we have Greyden Diapers. They’re my entire reason for finding this passion and amazing opportunity to share the love with others. 

 Mikayla Gilkey

My name is Mikayla and I am the social media manager and assitant for Greyden Diapers! My cloth diaper journey began  when my husband and I started trying for a family. I’m a planner by nature and wanted to know what baby items and brands would be right for our family. Upon researching skin safe and environmentally friendlier options for diapers, we stumbled across cloth and instantly became fascinated with everything about it! When we recieved the news of our miracle baby, Aura, we began our prepping. We have since cloth diapered from birth.    

 I have gained so many friends from our mutual love of cloth and what it does for the environment, the skin, and how fun it can be. In turn, I have gained great knowledge about this amazing world and have had the wonderful opportunity to capture and share how beautiful it is!