September 5, 2022

The city where our diapers are produced were in a lockdown due to Covid for 2 weeks, this means our Wild and Free Collection is showing a delay. Everything aside from the trainers will be shipping via sea on September 15th! Once trainers are finished, they will be shipped express air to get to us as quickly as possible. We are accepting cancellations, due to being past our August/ September ETA. If you would like to cancel your order before October 1, there will be a 20% fee due to our policy. After October 1, there is no fee. You can submit for a cancellation by emailing us at greydencodiapers@yahoo.com. Please include your order number in the subject line.

We appreciate your patience through this! 

Thank you all for the continued support! ❤️❤️

August 7, 2022

We are currently shipping out the in stock drop orders. Right now it’s a 7 business day turn around time.

Wild and Free collection is on track to arrive in September.

Our VIP group is currently taking a pause, we can be reached via email and instagram. 

July 14, 2022:

Our Land and Sea Collection is arriving the 19th!

We are almost finished processing round 3 remakes.

June 4, 2022:

Effective immediately through July 10, we will no longer be available on the weekends to handle business messages and emails. Any concerns will be handled Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM


June 1 2022:

The remaining diapers from the Gratitude Collection has shipped express air. They will arrive in the next week and a half. You now have the option to cancel/refund if your order contains pods, covers or solids. Email us at greydencodiapers@yahoo.com with your order number. We will be processing refunds every few days.

We are eagerly awaiting our Forever Friends collection to pass through customs, they will be dropped within a week of them arriving!!

If you own diapers from the The Wanderer collection, please be sure to join “Greyden Round 3” on Facebook remakes are arriving with Forever Friends. 

May 27 2022:

We are starting to process round 5, we only received part of the shipment as we said previously. If your order contains: solids, pods, or covers your order will ship when the second half comes in. Since this puts us past our ETA for this round, you may opt to cancel your order instead of waiting. An official email will be sent to those effected. 

We appreciate everyone being so patient and understanding over the past few months, you guys are rockstars! 

May 20, 2022:

The rest of the accessories preorder has arrived and will begin shipping out Monday!

May 18, 2022:

  1. Half of the Gratitude is arriving Monday May 23. The other half will ship via sea next week. 
  2. Round 3 remakes have been shipped via sea along with the Forever Friends collection. 
  3. Land and Sea will show a possible 2 week delay due to lockdowns as well as production of round 3 remakes.