The Rebrand Collection Makes Its Debut

How and why did we curate a Rebrand Collection

I'll be honest, I was not thinking long term when I initially started Greyden, I just wanted to get the ball running. I had a vision and a drive and I dove right in, putting all of my ideas into motion. I chose sunflowers for our logo and brand because that's what I thought was cute and different- this goes hand and hand with the first round picks. This isn't to say that I don't absolutely love that logo or those prints, but they did not give me that complete or "ah ha" feeling. 

I was talking and brainstorming with Mikayla one evening about what we could do to change things up, what we could do to make everything feel "whole". That is how we came up with the thought of rebranding. Queue the change in EVERYTHING! We changed the website, the mockups, the pictures, the prints we chose, and of course.... the amazing new logo! I feel that this new direction has made a cohesive and bright brand that truly captures who we are. 

I want Greyden to be known for our timeless pieces, inclusive sizing, and affordability for caregivers. The Rebrand upholds that while establishing my niche. I cannot wait to reintroduce Greyden- newly rebranded!

I hope you all love it as much as I do!