Mikayla Gilkey- June 2022

Pockets Vs. Covers

When you are new to cloth diapering, all of the different options can certainly be intimidating. We are here to lighten the load! Below we have the two main diapers we offer and their functions. At the end of the day, you never have to settle for one type of diaper. Try them out and see what works for you and your family!

Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers are diaper shells that have a sewn pocket on the back. The pocket allows you to add and customize absorbency to your diaper via inserts. Need to know what kind of inserts you should get, click here.

Pocket diapers are known for being very simple to use. There are no folds you need to learn, they dry easy, and you can customize the absorbency pretty much any way you like inside of the pocket. 

Pocket diapers have an inside that goes against the skin and allows liquids to pass through to the inserts inside of the pocket. There are two main types of fabric used on the inside, microsuede and Athletic Wicking Jersey. 

Our pocket diapers:
The outside of the diaper is made of super soft and stretchy PUL (a waterproof material) and the inside is lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) to keep the skin dry and cool. Our pocket diapers also have a tummy panel that provides leaks from tummy laying and prevents transfer of liquid onto clothes.

Greyden Diapers offers our revolutionary OS pocket diapers that are TRULY one size. No need to worry about getting an XL pocket diaper once your little outgrows the standard one size diaper. Our pockets have a weight range of 8 pounds to 70+ pounds and have 4 snap rows for. a wide range fit. 

Diaper Covers

Pocket diapers aren't ideal for everyone and diaper covers offer another great way to cloth diaper! 

Diaper covers are meant to be used with other forms of cloth diapers as they are not absorbent themselves. Instead, they are shells that go around these diapers to prevent leaks and getting other materials wet. With diaper covers you can customize absorbency by using prefolds, fitteds, flats, and even inserts. Whichever absorbent material you use, wrap your diaper cover around them and your kiddo is good to go!

Our diaper covers:
The outside of the diaper is made of super soft PUL and the inside has a front flap and snap to help keep inserts secure and prevent leaks. Our diaper covers have the same weight range as our pocket diapers so you can feel confident that they will fit your kiddo. 

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