Mikayla Gilkey- June 2022

From Voting to OTB- How its Done

Ever wonder what goes on before you get to enjoy your fresh stack of Greyden Diapers?

Read on to discover how it all works! From voting all the way to you unboxing your goodies. 


The process you might be familiar with the most! Each round of diapers starts with voting on prints. We love to include your voice in what prints get chosen, after-all, we want you to love what you're buying! This is done in either of two ways:

  • Team Picks- The team decides on a theme and searches for prints that best fit. From those prints we give you all a chance to vote on them, narrowing them down so we are able to make our final picks for the collection. 
  • VIP Picks- You all are given a theme and are tasked to find prints that best fit. After the deadline, everyone is tasked to go in and vote!

After we close voting and have the top votes, we come up with a cohesive collection by adding more prints that fit the theme and by adding solid colors. Creating the collection takes many hours as the team works together to bring you a collection that you will love. 

Once the collection has been established, Emily picks the snap colors, AWJ colors, and creates hang tags that match the collection's theme. 


Ah! Things are starting to pick up pace.

Once the collections are finalized, I (Mikayla..hello!) take all of the prints and create mockups for them. This is a crucial process because it allows you to visualize what the diapers will look like on an actual diaper since we don't have them in person yet. After the mockups are made, the whole team decides on names for the prints, I load the website with the pictures and diaper info, we release sneaks into the VIP group,  and then finally the preorder opens soon after!

Preorders allow you to purchase as many items within the collection as you would like, without the anxiety of prints being sold out within minutes like during drop days. When a preorder for a collection opens, it will be open for 2-3 weeks. This gives you plenty of time to decide on which prints you would like to purchase. 

When the preorder closes, Emily gets a list together for our manufacturer of the prints and how many of each print is needed for the batch of diapers and submits them. She always orders plenty of extra diapers so that we are able to sell a limited amount of "pre-extras" in case you missed the preorder as well as extra diapers for an in-stock drop. 


There is a lot of hard work put into actually making all of our products. Did you know that cloth diapers are hand sewn? After the fabric is cut into shape by machine, love and care is put into sewing each diaper. And our supplier....is amazing! The communication they have with us and the work environment they provide really makes them special and dear to us.

  • Samples - Honestly this is so important. Before the diapers get sent into full production mode, we need samples! Emily reviews each print to be sure the scale and colors are what they should be. This step ensures that you are receiving the product you intended. Once approved, the diapers are ready for production. 
  • Sea Shipping - After production is completed for the diapers, they are loaded up onto ships headed to the US from China. This takes 3-4 weeks and we are always anxious and keeping an eye on shipping updates!

While we all patiently wait for the diapers to arrive to the US by sea, there is still plenty to be done! All the supplies needed to ship the diapers to you all (Shipping bags, handmade cards, hang tags, extra goodies, etc) need to be secured and ready to go. During this time, Emily is also keeping a close eye on where the ships are as well as and eye on all of the stages the next round of diapers are in with the manufacturer.  


The moment everyone has been waiting for! Once the diapers arrive in the US and delivered, there is still a lot that needs to be done before orders are shipped out. All of the products get quality checked, counted, and placed into inventory. When all of that is finished, Emily can then print out order labels, grab product, extra goodies for your bags, cards, and ship out your order!

Drop Days

So whats left? When every order has been fulfilled and shipped out, there are still a number of diapers left over from us ordering extras! Emily goes back through the diapers and counts how many are left, cross checks to be sure this number is correct with what she should have, and mark how many are available for an in-stock drop! 

Once a drop day is scheduled, Emily and I will take pictures of the products now that we have them on hand and show you what is available for the drop. 

Then... you guessed it.... drop day! You gotta be quick - these people are fast! 

Ctrl, alt, repeat

The whole process gets repeated as we continue on to new preorders or in-stock drops. Between all of this, our reps are taking pictures, answering questions, and keeping everyone up to date. Emily and Arilene are answering customer emails. And I am constantly on my computer at whatever o'clock (currently 1:30 am), adding things to the site and making super long blogs haha. We all work extremely hard to get your cloth diapers to you and as you can see, theres a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I hope this gives perspective and some fun facts!