Mikayla Gilkey- June 2022

Achieving the Perfect Fit

If its one thing Greyden Diapers is known for, its our size! Read on below to discover how our diapers are made differently than other OS diapers and learn how to achieve the perfect cloth diaper fit.  Pssst...it just might be M A G I C

Fitted for perfection

Okay you caught us, our diapers are not made with actual magic. But they ARE made with love and the magic is in the design. When starting Greyden Diapers, our main goal was to make diapers that were accessible for all body types. And thats just what we did! The larger cut of our diapers makes it to where any body type can fit comfortably and get the leak protection that is needed. As we all know, diapers aren't JUST for small babies! From the chunky babies to the active toddlers, we've got your back! Our weight range is superior, fitting from 8lbs all the way up to 70+ lbs without the need to size up to a bigger diaper. Along with with cut of our diapers being larger, we also have super stretchy tabs, 4 rows of rise snaps, and cross over snaps to ensure the perfect fit. All thats left for you to worry about is how to stop from buying all the adorable prints!

This is our one size diaper.

Our Diapers

Rise Snaps. We have 4 rise snap rows! Because there are 4 rows instead of 3, you are able to better customize the length of your diaper to fit your kiddo. 

Wide Wings. Our diapers are B I G and our wings are no different. Our diaper wings are able to stretch far across the diaper. 

Crossover Snaps. This is where those wide wings come in handy. Our cross over snaps enable you to bring the diaper in even more around the waist, making this option a need for slimmer kiddos and babies. 

Leg Seal On Point

If its one thing you need to remember in regard to fitting your diaper correctly, its that the leg seal needs to be...well..sealed! After putting a diaper on your kiddo, do a quick leg check to be sure that the elastics are snug against their skin, creating a seal. There should be no gaps between the diaper and the leg. If there is, dust yourself off and try again. 

How to Get a Proper Fit

1) When putting the diaper on, start with squeezing the middle part of the diaper and placing it snug inside of the leg creases

2) Pull up the middle lay it against the waist, keeping one hand on the diaper

3) With one hand holding the diaper secure, use the other hand to pull a wing to the desired set of snaps. When buttoning the wing the diaper should be snug against the skin but not tight. Repeat on the other side

4) When both wings are snapped in place remember this rule: a proper waist fit allows for two finger widths between the diaper and the kiddo's tummy

5) When the diaper is on and secure, the last step is to use your fingers to push up the extra fabric on the rise snaps up toward the belly button. This ensures a proper leg seal.

Now your kiddo is ready...to pee and poop...but securely😎

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Well that was easy! Cloth diapering really is fun and exciting. We know that sometimes things can get hectic especially when troubles arise. Just know, that we've got you! Any additional questions that cant be found in our Cloth Diapering Basics Blogs? Just hit us up in our Facebook VIP group! 

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